Unique Hotel Solutions serves as an extension of the hotel's sales team to negotiate and build business relationships and partnerships for specific market segments to generate increased revenue.
Unique Hotel Solutions offers a wide range of solution services to position our hotel clients within a very competitive leisure market segments.
Sales Development Market Research
  • Introduction and Management of the International and Domestic Wholesale-Retail leisure market segments
  • Overall Sales Administration and Operations
  • Segmentation analysis, Competitive Set, Area Demographics and Travel Trends
  • Partner and Customer Evaluation
Positioning Distribution Diversification
  • Identify Market Audience, Niche Product Potential
  • Global Positioning Strategies
  • Establish Market Recognition
  • General Promotional Initiatives
  • Expand Distribution Channels
  • Capture Diverse Global Regions
  • Market Segmentation Evaluation

Rate Analysis Strategy Solutions
  • Comparable Competitive Price Analysis
  • Identify Demand and Need Periods
  • Establish Rate Strategies and Goals
  • Forecast
  • Inventory Distribution Management
  • Market Mix Balance
  • Market Region Penetration
Travel Actions Coaching
  • Organized Sales Missions, Workshops, Trade Shows
  • Establish Presence and Face to Face contacts
  • Principles of Standard Operational Procedures and Team Training
  • Regions/Cultural Trends
Tools Results
  • UniqueNet Platform Connectivity


  • Identify SWOT
  • Drive Revenue
  • ROI